Angry Birds Activity Park Malaysia

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The Angry Birds activity park is located on the 3rd floor of the recently renovated Komtar JBCC Mall. This venue is perfect for children ranging from 5 – 12 years old and can offer up to a half-day of fun and excitement for you and your kids.

Even if your children have never played the popular mobile game, it won't matter.

There's lots to do and see inside:

Danger Zone

Not to worry, Danger Zone isn't in any way dangerous for the children. The excitement starts at the Lazer Bird Scoot track, where kids can jump on a scooter and go up and down the indoor half-pipe for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Next in the danger zone is the Space Drop Air Bag where kids can line up to jump off a platform onto the safety of a large air bag.

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Like Danger Zone, Utopia is an area for kids who like physical activity. There's a designated parkour area called the Air Parkour Track, a bouncy Anti Gravity Trampoline, the fun Bird Wire Slackline tight-rope walk, a Giant Leap Foam Pit with hundreds of foam safety squares, and the Piggy Shooting Gallery where kids can test their aim with air-powered foam ball guns.

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South Beach

South Beach is one of the funnest areas for children inside the park. It's packed with feature attractions including a massive big screen to play the Angry Bird's video game on, the squishy Balance Bike Lagoon, Captain Black Bird's Ship, the Cinemine movie area, and the Red Bird Sona game area where kids can interact with each other as they jump from one number to the next testing their mental acuity and physical agility.

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Classic Area

The Classic Area includes the Angry Birds Go! Kart Track where kids can ride themed electric go karts around an indoor track with other kids. The Bird Nest is also included in the Classic area where kids can venture into the Angry Bird's nest and bounce around inside.

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Angry Birds Shop

It goes without saying that most parents would rather avoid this area. It'll cost you if you don't! However, you can buy your children some Angry Birds souvenirs to take home with them including clothing, games, books, toys, stuffed animals and more.

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Big Red

This is a rather large, life-sized plush version of Big Red that kids can play with to their heart's content. This large bird is anchored to a pole and can be pushed around in frantic circles. Both boys and girls love this attraction equally.

Other Activities

There's plenty more fun packed into the Angry Birds Activity Park in Malaysia. Kids can jump on a quadricycle for some more fun and exercise with all the new friends they've met during their time at the park, or climb inside the Angry Birds' nest to see what eggs they've been laying recently.

While the park doesn't necessarily offer an entire day of fun like Legoland and select other JB attractions do, it's certainly a great way to spend two or three hours unwinding in an air conditioned space after a hot day exploring other sites in Johor.