Night Market - Pasar Malam, Johor Bahru

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"Pasar malam” is a Malay and Indonesian phrase that translates simply to “night market”. Much like a party, night markets can pop up virtually anywhere around the city of Johor and across the causeway in Singapore.

Ask anyone who has ever been to one of the city's pasar malams, and they'll quickly tell you it's an experience unlike any other.

For travelers visiting the city, the fact there's a night market being held in a different location on most evenings means you get to experience different areas while enjoying the ambiance provided by the locals and other travelers during market hours.

Great for Early Risers

Generally, pasar malam begins around 4:30 pm and extends to 10:00 pm at most locations. If you have to be up early in the morning, you can still find a pasar malam to visit every night without worry of sleeping in or feeling tired the next morning.

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A Selection Unlike Any Other

There are a multitude of stalls set up, providing everything from clothing, DVDs, antiques, pets, swag, electronics – and of course the legendary street food and local produce that's made these events so famous with travelers and locals alike throughout the years.

A word of caution:

When searching for name brand clothing and electronics, it's important to understand exactly what you're buying. There are so many wonderful vendors who set up stalls at the markets, but language barriers may sometimes get in the way of the vendor expressing when certain items are replicas, rather than official branded merchandise.

Food Fit for a King

Malaysian street food is right at the top of any experienced traveler's list of favorite eats. Prepared with fresh ingredients, delicious spices and lots of love, there's a flavor combination to suit anyone's tastes. Johor Bahru pasar malam fare is multicultural; bringing together Malay, Chinese, and Indian food in a variety of delicious standalone and fusion dishes.

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One has to really restrain themselves to avoid eating too much at the markets. From delicious O Jian (fried egg with oyster), to meticulously cooked rotisserie chickens (perfect to take back to the hotel for a late dinner), to the most divine world-renowned Japanese cheese cakes and other amazing dessert treats.

You'll never leave pasar malam with an empty stomach.

Fresh Produce

Many of the night markets will have vendors selling fresh vegetables and fruits grown locally. If you're looking to stock up on fresh produce for you and your family during your stay in Johor, pasar malam is the place to find the best deals.

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Great Chance to Experience Malay Culture up Close

Experiencing local culture in different countries isn't always easy. Pasar malam offers an intimate look into day-to-day (or rather “night-to-night”) Malaysian life.

One aspect of local tradition you'll need to be aware of is the concept of “haggling” to get the best deals.

Haggling is as much a part of Malaysian culture as Sunday church is to many American and European countries. Be polite with the vendors, but don't be afraid to do your best to get them to lower their price!

How to Find

To find where the night markets are being held tonight or any other night, browse to this pasar malam location finder website.

And of course, do feel free to ask our front desk staff for assistance or advice at any time.