Loyalty Program

Loyalty program M Suites Hotel

Did you know that it pays to be loyal? M Suites Hotel makes every stay memorable, unique and authentic to the local culture by taking personal service to heart.

Loyalty Program - Benefits

The benefits to join our loyalty program, begin as soon as you download our Mobile Application.

Download Mobile Application M Suites Hotel

Members enjoy everything from complimentary WiFi, laundry service to exclusive special offers, as well as free nights at M Suites Hotel - Johor Bahru.

How it works?

  • You will collect 1 STAMP for every night you stay at M Suites Hotel.
  • Any nights that you collect will be added to your account within 72 hours after check out.
  • Once you have collected 04 stamps, you'll get 1 Exclusive Special Offer at M Suites Hotel.
Loyalty Program Application M Suites Hotel

Terms and Conditions

Our loyalty programme is for guests aged 18+ who signed up with a valid email address. If you choose a service that costs more, you pay the difference.

No Restrictions

Redeem your Free Special Offer on any date ‒ 365 days of the year!