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April 01, 2016

If you were to ask a local what there is to do in Singapore, most would tell you there's little more than shopping for the latest fashion and fine dining to busy yourself with. Like so many, these locals have become jaded by their surroundings, not really appreciating what their wonderful island city-state has to offer.

In fact, there's plenty for visitors to see and experience here. From the lush garden topography to be found all over the island, to incredible shopping areas – even a rarely talked about modern nightlife scene that would give New York or Amsterdam a run for its money.

Here are the places you simply must check out when you visit Singapore next:

Botanic Gardens

There's no better place to kill a little time in the morning waiting for the 11 o'clock bell to ring; the time when most shops and other businesses open their doors. The Botanic Gardens are open at 5 am and stay open until midnight. You'll find friendly locals and tourists donned with running shoes taking an early morning jog. Tai-chi practise is big in the park during the morning hours, and worth watching for the beauty, even if you're not eager to participate yourself.

Botanic Gardens Singapore

Aside from hosting over 1,000 species and over 2,000 hybrid species of some of the most beautiful orchids you'll ever set eyes on found in the National Orchid Garden, you'll find plenty of other life swirling around you in the gardens. Enter the virgin rainforest on Upper Palm Valley Road and take in the greenery while walking along a well-maintained boardwalk.

After a couple of hours of walking and sight-seeing, head over by Tanglin Gate to the food court for some coffee, soft-boiled eggs and toast with coconut jam.

Chinatown Heritage Center

Rather than standing in line at the Peranakan Museum with all the other tourists, why not make your first stop after the gardens to the Chinatown Heritage Center? This is considered the place to go if you want to get an authentic look at Singaporean history, circa the late 19th and early 20th century.

Here you can see authentic reproductions of what the streets and interior homes and buildings looked like at the turn of the last century. Here you'll see there's more to Singapore than the sun-glinted skyscrapers that dot her skyline in modern times.

Camden Medical Center (Plastic Surgery)

Camden Medical Center isn't for everyone, but it's a major draw for both locals and tourists looking to get discounted plastic surgeries that would cost thousands more in more developed countries.

This is a one-stop shop for a quick botox injection or a nip and tuck surgery. Celebrity surgeon Waffles Wu, who has an office here, is known for his world famous non-surgical facelifts.

Camden Medical Center Singapore

The Whitebait and Kale restaurant is located on the lower floors of the center and is renowned for it's Pavlova and snapper pie dishes.


Sim Lim Square is the place to go if you're the haggling, deal-chasing type. They sell all the latest in mobile technology, digital cameras, music players and computer equipment. Don't worry about offending shopkeepers by trying to get them down in price, it's part of the culture here.

Funan Digilife Mall has a similar stock of electronic gadgets, but the prices are considered higher by the locals and the shopkeepers less inclined to offer the 10 – 20% savings that those at Sim Lim Square do.

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is the go-to spot for the latest and greatest fashion. Nestled inconspicuously in the heart of the Muslim quarter, it's Singapore's version of New York's Meatpacking District.

Haji Lane Shop

Head over to Know It Nothing for a tailored Garni dress shirt. If you're a fan of Austin Powers' unique garb, Pluck sells cushion covers inspired by many of the clothes worn by the lead character in the films. They also have an ice-cream parlor in-store, with several local flavors to choose from.

Haji Lane shop 2

Cafe de Claire is the place to stop for a Middle Eastern lunch or brunch. Simply the best Middle Eastern food on the island!

Singapore Flyer

Think of the London Eye, only you're in Singapore. This 165-meter Ferris Wheel isn't a cheap ride, which is why it's mostly considered a tourist hotspot more than it is something locals flock to.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer offers a great view of much of the city and since it costs $30 USD for a 30-minute ride, there's rarely a lineup. Take your trip at night to catch the Singapore skyline lit up in all her glory.


Though some complain that Singapore's nightlife scene shuts down far too early compared to other places (3 am), Zouk is the go-to spot for strobe-infused dance floors filled with the most fashionable party-goers on the island.

Zouk club

While its considered mostly a hipster's paradise, people of all ages and nationalities are welcome to come shake up the dance floor at Zouk.


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