Tips to Get Maximum Enjoyment Out of a Day at Legoland in Johor Bahru

Legoland Johor Bahru

February 15, 2016

Legoland is a dream come true for children of all ages, even most adults. And seeing the smiles and unabashed glee on their faces might just be one of the most rewarding gifts they can give you this year.

However, when traveling to Legoland in Johor Bahru, it's important that you're prepared before heading to the park.

Here's some great tips to make sure you and your family have maximum fun, with minimal delays and while keeping within your unique budgetary constraints:

Legoland - Book in Advance to Save Money

Check the price list for the theme park and waterpark. Basically, if you book your trip online 7 or more days in advance, you can save 20% off the walk-up price.

Legoland - Book in Advance to Save Money

If you plan to use the waterpark (and who wouldn't in Malaysia?) buy the theme park/waterpark combo pass to save even more money. Yearly passes also offer great savings, but would only appeal to those who live close to the park, not travelers.

Check Visa Requirements if Entering From Outside Malaysia

Agreements between the Malaysian and Singaporean governments allow residents of either country to cross the border using either passport. If you're a tourist visiting Singapore and want to cross the border for the day with your children, you'll want to consult Malaysia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs site to make sure you can meet all their visa requirements.

When making the decision of which country to land and stay in, keep in mind that Johor Bahru has much cheaper accommodations than Singapore, though not nearly the selection of luxury hotels to choose from.

Have the Proper Currency on Hand

If you're a local, or coming across the border from Singapore, you already know what to expect weather-wise, and will likely be sure to have a wallet full of ringgit to pay for transportation and food, etc. The park does accept SGD but buses, taxis and many of the surrounding businesses might not.


International credit and debit cards are accepted everywhere in the park. However, you might want to check with your bank and credit institutions to find out what sort of fees you can expect to incur while using your cards in foreign countries first.

Plan for Meals Outside the Park

If you plan to buy all your food, beverages and the like exclusively inside the park, you might find yourself sadly disappointed. The food's very expensive compared to what you'll pay at surrounding Malaysian restaurants and street food vendors. The fare offered including pizza, burgers, Indian food and Malaysian cuisine is rated as poor by several reviewers on top sites like Tripadvisor and Agoda too.

This is to be expected at any theme park and the park has rules about not bringing in outside food or beverages that weren't purchased inside. A quick look outside the park and you'll find excellent restaurant choices to suit any tastes including an Indian Kitchen, the Redtro Cafe, yummy Yeo's Seafood, and even a Subway sandwich shop within close walking distance. See more options.

Plan for Warm Weather

Locals will know what to expect, but if you're jumping right off a bus from the airport, or coming to Legoland after a cozy night in an air conditioned hotel, you'll be in for a rude awakening. Malaysian weather is very sunny, hot, sticky and humid.

Make sure to have sunglasses, sunscreen, a sun-protective hat, umbrella, and a change of clothes on hand. Plan to buy plenty of water and beverages to keep you and your kids well hydrated. Water costs around 2.50 MYR and soda and juices are usually 4 MYR at most beverage outlets in the park.

Timing is Critical

Kids hate to wait around for anything, especially when it comes to standing in line to get on an exciting ride in the Technic area like the popular Project X coaster or to get into the Mindstorms Academy. Same goes for the youth-enchanting Lego Kingdoms or the many attractions inside the waterpark section.

Timing Children Legoland

It's hot and you don't want to be standing in line for any longer than you have to or the day will be extra long. Legoland suggests beating the rush and avoiding their busiest part of the day between 1 – 3 pm. If you're looking to take your kids through the Mindstorms Academy, Imagination, Land of Adventure, or Lego Kingdoms, make sure you get in line before peak times or you could be a couple of hours waiting to enter.

Have Fun!

It may not be as exciting as Six Flags or some other similar adult theme park, but your kids are going to have so much fun that they'll carry those memories with them for the rest of their life. Remember that the experience is all about them, but don't be afraid to enjoy the many attractions for yourself.

Lego angry laptop

Let the child inside out during your visit to Legoland Johor Bahru.

Let loose and make sure you always have a big smile glued on your face!

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